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Kazakh Russian University

Kazakh Russian University


In the heart of Eurasia there is the country of Kazaksthan that shares borders with Russia, China Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan.
Kazakhstan is indepent since 1991. It' s capital is Astana. Overall population of Kazakhstan is 15 million (57 % Kazakh, 30% Russian, 3% Ukrainian: other significant minorities include Uighurs, Uzbeks, Belorussians, Dungans, Koreans, Chechens and Greeks). President of Kazakhstan is Mr. Nursultan Nazarbayev.
The officail language of Kazakh is a Turkic language closely related to Uzbek, Kyrhgyz, Turkmen and Tukish. The Goverment has undertaken to replace the Russian Cyrillic alphabet with the Turkish version of the Roman alphabet. The national currency is the Tenge(KZT). There are lots of ATMS in the city center.


Almaty also known by its former names Verny and Alma-Ata, is the former capital of Kazakhstan and the nation's largest city with the population of 1,404,000(2010). This represents approximately 9% of the population of the country. Almaty was the capital of the SSR and its successor Kazakhstan from 1929 to 1997. Despite losing its status as the capital to Astana in 1997, Almaty remains the major commercial center of Kazakhstan. The city is located in a mountenious area of southern Kazakhstan, near the border with Kyrgyzstan.


Kazakh-Russian Medical University is one of the largest private universities in the country (State license AB 0026246). Almaty had passed four state certifications (1998, 2003, 2007, 2012) and issues State Diplomas. Kazakh-Russian Medical University, formerly Kazakhstani Medical Institute, had opened its doors in 1992, in the wake of major political and economic reforms, when the important role was given to the reforms of science and higher education. One of the first private graduate schools in CIS was founded by Dr. Mukhtar Aliyevich Aliyev, the Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the President of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Member of the International Association of Surgeons, and the National Hero of Kazakhstan together with Professor K.M. Maskeev and Assistant Professors V.S. Holubchenko and A.O. Panova.

The educational program of the school meets the state standard of education. At the same time, new forms and methods of teaching to improve medical education in the country were successfully tested at the University.

The educational process is guided by more than 200 professors, among them are the medical doctors with a worldwide reputation and well-known Kazakhstani and foreign scientists. The students also have the opportunity to study and practice at abroad by the program of academic mobility. The education is provided both on a contract basis, and well as by educational grants of the state. We abstain from forming large academic groups, keeping the number down to only 6-10 students. This allows providing the personalized approach to our students. Students have the opportunity to choose their training language (Kazakh or Russian), and are given the intensive course of foreign language studies beginning from their first year. Practical training by the specific clinical disciplines is conducted in leading medical centers in Almaty.

  • Eligibility Criteria:
    for Open Category- 50% in PCB 12th std.
    for Reserved Category- 40% in PCB 12th std.

  • MCI and WHO Recognized

  • Course Duration - 5 years

  • MCI Coaching by Indian Best Professor

  • English Medium

  • No Donation

  • Guaranteed Visa

  • Indian Food

• Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology • Department of Human Anatomy
• Department of Anaesthesiology and Reanimatology • Chair of APT LFK Physiotherapy
• Department of Visual Diagnostics • Department of Internal Diseases
• Department of Histology • Department of Dermatovenerology
• Department of Children's Diseases • Department of Medical Biophysics and Informatics with a course in Medical Chemistry
• Department of Disaster Medicine • Department of Microbiology, Immunology With Courses of Epidemiology, Infectious and Tropical Diseases and Physiology
• Chair of Public Disciplines • Department of Oncology
• Department of Pathanatomy • Department of Psychiatry, Narcology With Courses In Neurology, General and Medical Psychology and Pedagogy
• Department of Stomatology • Department of Pharmacology The Chair of Physical Culture
• Department of Surgical Diseases • Department of Language Disciplines Course of Dermatovenereology
• Course of Ophthalmology • The Course of Propaedeutics of Internal Diseases
• Course of Pharmacy • Scientific and Methodical Department
• Test Center


  • • Free Wi-Fi for complete campus.

  • • 24*7 CCTV surveillance, separate hostels for boys and girls.

  • • The campus is in the center of the city so all the facilities are easily available close to hostel & university.

  • • Practical theaters, OTS, forensic labs etc.

  • • Special coaching is provided for MCI test for all the students by Indian professors in the campus with specially developed software and most modern technologies.

  • • Proper Indian hostel & Indian food(veg & non –veg).


  • • Kazakh Russian University is one of the leading private colleges in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

  • • The university is capable of providing medical training at clinical sites of a renowned medical institution to its candidates.

  • • The medical teaching is guided by more than 200 lecturers in which most of them are reputed and well-known doctors and foreign scientist.

  • • The students will also get the opportunity to practice and study in abroad with the academic mobility program.

  • • Kazakh Russian Medical University has good relations with the university in the country and far abroad.

  • • Practical training by the specific clinical disciplines is conducted in leading medical centers in Almaty.


Salient features of specialised MCI training include :

  • 1. Conceptual academic session at bishkek for each subject by best faculty from India.

  • 2. In depth knowledge of every subject at bishkek by best faculty from India.

  • 3. Special attention towards preparation for MCI screening test at bishkek again by expert teachers from India.

  • 4. Practice of MCQ's asked in MCI screening test right from the very first year of medical curriculum, making the student stronger and more confident for any further examination/performance of the student by dedicated team of expert.

  • 5. Individual interaction with the students by the specialists every year to identify the weak topics/ difficulties-provide solution, give strength and confidence to the student to improve his/her performance continuously.

  • 6. Special sessions just before the MCI screening Test to ensure passing the exam in 1st attempt.

  • 7. Make him a better human being slowly but persistently amd make you proud of your decision.

  • 8. Our Result speaks for our achievements.

  • 9. To your surprise, MIST coaching is included in the fee structure of ISM, however T&C apply.


Each Applicant of the MD Physician program of the Kazakh-Russian Medical University must submit the following documents

  • Applicantion Form

  • Passport with appropriate entry visa

  • 12th std Marksheet with minimum 65% (PCB)

  • 10 std Marksheet

  • Date of birth Certificate

  • Eight Colour Photos (size 3X4cm)

  • Applicantion for fee based study must be submitted till 25 August year of admission

    Passport and visa procedures
    If you have decided to study at the Kazakhstan University, you need to have the following when entering Kazakhstan Republic:

  • Authorization on entry given on Kazakhstan University application

  • Consideration of request on visa support by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan during 1month

    After you have arrived at Kazakh Russian University

  • Your passport shall be registered by Ministry of Interior of Kazakhstan within 5 days from the date of arrival, excluding holidays and weekends

  • Assistance in registration and visa extension will be provided

  • Passports must be presented to the Department of International Affairs, 1month before the expiration of visa

  • Failure to meet registration and visa terms results infine, set by Ministry of Interior of Kazakhstan

  • Medical Reports and fluorography should be submitted at KRMU before registration of any about or confusion . KRMU representative and associate are always ready for any help or assistance.

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